The services

we offer
Thanks to our knowledge and studio equipment, we can guarantee high-quality sound.
Rakurs Records provides a full range of sound recording and post-processing services.
  • vocal recording
  • instrument recording
  • drum recording
  • reamping
  • Live session recording (bands up to 10 members)
  • summary
  • turnkey recording of songs
  • mastering
  • arrangement
Use the tone room as a rehearsal base, prepare for recording by getting used to the studio, or find your sound before recording with our sound engineer.
Our approach is qualitative, we are absolutely open and interested, because the result is primary.


of video services
Rakurs Records provides a unique opportunity for artists to create high-quality and powerful content for their audience – live performances in the studio. We also provide musicians with the opportunity to document and promote a recording session in the studio; turning Rakurs Records into your own production studio, or maybe you just need a camera that tracks and documents the process of creating music to later make a film or artistic backstage.
The studio is equipped with the necessary light, video cameras and optics. This is equipment from leading brands Aputure, Godox, Fuji, Blackmagic and others.
Together with a professional approach, this allows us to create quality images and content.
Rakurs Records offers its clients a range of video services:
  • multi-camera live recording in the studio
  • backstage and post-production filming
  • multi-camera broadcast to the network