Recording in the studio

You have access to all the equipment available in the studio


We recommend doing a few rehearsals to prepare for the recording, which will improve the quality of your recording and give you more confidence.

Mixing audio

We perform multitrack mixing of your composition hourly. This approach is ideal for artists who have a clear idea of the desired outcome.

Mixing audio

We completely perform multitrack mixing of your composition. This approach to work is suitable for those artists who want to involve a sound engineer in the result, add another professional look to your music, ensuring optimal sound.


The price depends on the timing of the composition, the number of instruments, vocals and the artistic task.

If you recorded your composition in another studio and you want us to mix and master it for you, we need to first listen to the material you have accumulated in order to determine the price objectively.


Stem mastering is an advanced type of mastering that includes the final mixing of the track. This method allows you to make changes to individual elements of the mix without affecting others. The track is divided into stems, which allows you to edit individual components.


Filming Live sessions or other video content

Shooting in the studio


Recording Live sessions in the studio is a service that allows you to record video or audio sessions in real time. This service is typically used for video streaming or video conferencing, as well as for creating live performances, broadcasts, and other events that require a live broadcast.


The price includes a whole range of services, including filming, recording, editing, mixing and mastering of your tracks.


$6001.5 hours
Duration up to 1.5 hours. The price includes filming in 4 cameras, editing, script writing and other services. We recommend recording on the same day for optimal results.” We offer comfortable working conditions and help with hotel accommodation at partner prices.