Ben Obert | interview after Live | Rakurs Records

Interview with the Kyiv band Ben Obert.

The participants talked about their path in music, shared their experiences and plans for the future. Sincere, cheerful and frank!

00:00-00:35 Intro
00:35-00:50 Greetings
00:50-02:27 About the name of the band. Why Ben Obert?
02:27-03:34 Why is the name of the band a secret?
03:34-07:58 Band presentation. Ideology. Style
07:58-10:51 An example of the Beatles
10:51-15:01 About the material played live.
15:01-23:02 “Each song is one’s own experiences”
23:02-24:10 Copyright. Advertisement Rakurs Records 😉
24:10-30:18 Hidden meanings. Easter eggs
30:18-36:56 How are songs created?
36:56-40:59 About music education
40:59-47:38 How did you choose your instrument?
47:38-52:45 Why is Taras (drummer) leaving?
52:45-01:03:13 Where are you going? What do you want? How do you promote yourself? 01:03:13-01:08:26 About money
01:08:26-01:11:50 Why is there no Instagram of Ira?
01:11:50-01:12:42 Thank you. Titles

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