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BLIND8 – After Live at Rakurs Records.

Interview with the winning band from the media magazine The Rock Spectrum A conversation with young, ambitious artists who have a lot of plans. In this interview, every young artist will receive support and inspiration

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00:00-00:22 Intro
00:22-03:38 Introduction to BLIND8
03:38-07:55 About the influence of war on creativity
07:55-10:16 How the band came together
10:16-11:34 About the available material and new tracks
11:34-16:45 How to combine music and ordinary life?
16:45-22:46 The process of writing tracks
22:46-26:38 About education
26:38-31:54 About copyright
31:54-36:33 Questions from The Rock Spectrum subscribers
36:33-42:25 Are you planning Ukrainian-language material?
42:25-47:16 About the possibility of cooperation abroad
47:16-49:08 How much money was spent on recording and promoting songs?
49:08-53:00 The most interesting points in the rider?
53:00-54:43 What does success mean?
54:43-55:42 Is it true that the bass player and the vocalist live together?
55:42-01:00:02 What is the main feature of the band?
01:00:02-01:00:52 Behind the scenes.

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