An interesting, rich and frank conversation with intelligent punks!

The band Slice of Story talked about their vision of the world and answered your questions. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Greetings
0:18 Why did you decide to play punk?
5:03 What to do to be conscious?
11:26 Protest for the sake of protest or awareness
14:50 About images in works
18:37 About the name. What is Slice of Story?
22:28 The most confusing topic
24:50 Language issue
29:17 About works. Why live differently?
32:57 About the material brought to Rakurs Records
35:42 The secret of sound. How compositions are created
45:12 About education
46:24 Interactive. Poetry from punks
49:12 Question from you
49:46 What is your favorite song in your performance?
51:00 Which of your compositions is the most difficult to perform and why?
52:03 What performers were you inspired by in the past and who are you inspired by today?
56:06 How did February 24, 2022 change your life?
1:00:38 What do you think Ukrainians lack?
1:02:54 Advice on punk bands, movies, books
1:09:10 How do punks live during the war? Is punk protest important?
1:11:54 The coolest and most impossible thing that happened to you at concerts
1:15:51 An honest review of Rakurs Records
1:17:44 Credits

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